3 Steps to Showing your Personality on Camera

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Show your personality on youtube


You have a back story, you have quirks and you have passions. Why don’t your subscribers know about them?

Youtube is half about adding value, half about relating to people. If you don’t show your personality, you’re kind of missing the point.

In this post I want to share 3 steps that you can take to actually be a human being on camera.

1. Firstly, get to know yourself a little.

Lets revisit the start of this blog post

“You have a back story, you have quirks, you have passions and you have things that really shit you”

Lets get more specific.

What is your back story? What are your quirks? What are you passionate about? What seriously shits you? – Lets add to that – What inspires you? What motivates you? What do you love? I could literally go on forever, but you get what I mean.

Answer those questions honestly, write notes upon notes. Get to know yourself a little.

Excellent! You’ve just written out a very condensed summary of who you are.

2. Get specific

You have about 5 minutes every week to show your personality and deliver value. That kind of makes it tough.

In saying that, you now have a big list that’ll help you out. What stood out in your list? I can guarantee there was aspect of yourself that just kept on popping up.

Maybe your list really showed your crazy cleanliness side. You’re passionate about having a minimal, clean space. Having an unclean space really shits you. A clean, minimal space really motivates you. One of your quirks is always needing your space to be really clean.

You get what I’m saying. You’ll probably have about 2 – 3 things that really shine through in your list. Those are the aspects of your personality that are ‘stand out’.

These things should be organically making their way in to your videos, but it’s so easy to forget who you are when you hit record that they probably aren’t.

3. Do You Boo

So, one of the aspects you’ve picked is cleanliness. Lauren Elizabeth is also a big fan of things being clean, neat and tidy.

She always mentions in videos that she can’t relax in an unclean environment, in her night and morning routines she has a mini tidying routine before she starts doing her thing. She made a whole video on organising your life. Her being a clean perfectionist freak is a big part of who she is.

The thing is, she does all of that stuff totally organically – I assume. If something is a super big part of your life, don’t be afraid to mention it! Regularly. Every youtuber has quirks, flaws, passions that their subscribers grow to know and love.

Don’t be afraid to inject those big pieces of your personality you’ve found in to your videos.

Take Action

  • Get to know yourself. Write down your passions, dislikes, pet peeves, what makes you glow
  • Pick your stand out attributes from your ‘Getting to know myself’ exercise
  • Capitalise on those attributes in your videos – get vulnerable and show your personality


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The Secret to Consistency

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When I took Gretchen Rubins personality test, I came out a ‘rebel’ personality.

Meaning I resist outer and inner expectations / don’t like doing what people tell me to do – OR what I try to tell myself to do.

A crappy personality type to have when you’re getting serious about being consistent as a youtuber.

You’re probably done with me preaching that consistency is key (most people need to be told something like 10 times for it to sink in tho just sayin’) – but the thing is, consistency REALLY IS KEY.

You need to show up providing consistent value, in a consistent way, at a consistent time to build trust in your subscribers and build a successful youtube channel. #Consistently.


A few months ago I decided I wanted to transform myself and become a mega consistent presence on youtube (as opposed to an all over the place, whenever I had a chance kind of presence)

I’m still on my journey, but can confidently say I’m about 110% more consistent thanks to the action I’ve taken to put strategies in place.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how I become a way more consistent youtuber.

Action#1 Create an Editorial Calendar

The term ‘editorial calendar’ sounds super serious because usually it’s used for more corporate type establishments. So lets trade that term with video schedule bc it sounds much less intimidating.

Best decision of my youtube life was creating a video schedule.

Next best decision of my youtube life was committing to actually utilising that video schedule.

Like your mother / uncle / teacher told you when you were younger, prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Your inner rebel will now be saying ‘But why?’  ‘That sounds like a gross amount of work’ ‘Ughh that’d put me in such a box’ ‘I’d really rather not’.

I feel you – I struggled with that mentality for ages. Let me run you through my thoughts when I contemplated creating an editorial calendar + comebacks to those thoughts as post editorial calendar Michelle.

But why?

Because you’ve been inconsistent as hell, your subscribers are totally losing trust in you, you’re relying on inspiration rather than planning, nothing else you’ve done to remain consistent has worked, and also because I said so.

That sounds like a gross amount of work tho

I mean, it is but it isn’t. It might take a decent chunk of your weekend, but once you get started – you’ll be right #straya.

Ughh that’d put me in such a box creatively

Okay, yes, you’re planning creativity – but what you’ve been doing prior to that is relying on inspiration. Side note, that obviously hasn’t been working for you. Also, because I know that you hate being boxed into doing something – you’re free to change your editorial calendar whenever you want. You’ll find yourself more inspired and thinking of more ideas when it exists anyways, so feel free to move planned videos around if you feel the need.

What platform do I use to create the calendar though? 

Keep it as simple as possible. I use an excel spreadsheet in google drive, that way I can access it anywhere and it’s simple as to fill in.

How will this even help me with consistency?

Well, you won’t have to come up with an awesome idea on demand every week. You’ll be able to effectively plan ahead seeing as you know what you’re creating in a month or so’s time. Your time management will be killer because you know how much time you’ll need roughy every weekend, thanks to your editorial calendar. Since you’ll be planning all your videos ahead, you’ll be able to look at them as a whole and make sure they’re consistent in value and style.

I’d really rather not

Ya, I feel you, that’s how I felt a year or so ago. Just leave it for now, and if you find yourself flailing and being an inconsistent slug in future, come back to this post.

I promise you, if you create a video schedule for a month or two in advance (and most importantly, stick to it) you will change your youtube life.

Action#2 Keep your ideas in a trusted space

My video schedule has a tab where I list all of my video ideas. Every time an idea pops into my head for a video, that’s where I put it.

What did I used to do when I thought of a video idea? Welp, I might’ve written it in my phone notes. Or emailed it to myself. Or written it on the receipt that I found in my bag. Or put it in one of my 100 notebooks.

Then I found myself not being able to find a trace of my many ideas anywhere – because I’d scattered them right about everywhere.

A lot of this blog / youtube channel is me sharing lessons based on my mistakes (lucky you!). My mistake in this instance was not having one trusted, reliable, go-to space where I kept all of my ideas.

My biggest struggle in being consistent was not feeling inspired, and having ideas to pull from. Now I have an abundance of ideas that I can use whenever I want, because I know exactly where to find them.

Also, having that list right there with my schedule makes sure I don’t just sit on ideas for forever, and I totally recommend you do the same.

Action#3 Pre Film

I currently have 3 videos pre-filmed for my main channel and I feel like such a freaking boss.

Having ‘Emergency videos’ to upload when you’re not able to film would make me feel even more like a boss, but hey, I’m working on it.

If you pre film, you won’t feel that pressure of ‘oh god i have to film have to film ahhHHHHHHhhhhhh killlll emeeeeee’ (idk maybe that’s just a me thing). You’ll know that you have a video already scheduled for this weekend, and you’ll feel like rather than feeling like you HAVE to film, you’ll feel like you’re CHOOSING to film. Best thing ever for a ‘rebel’ who hates feeling like they don’t have a choice.

Extra tip – I know that sometimes you just want to upload absolutely all the content you’ve created in one go because you’re so beyond excited- but don’t. For your mental health, schedule that content out over the next few weeks and get on top of the game.

Pre Film Pre Film Pre Film, I can’t recommend it enough.

Those are my three secrets to being a consistent, on time kinda youtuber. Personally, they’ve totally transformed the way I go about doing youtube. Do you have any tips for how you stay consistent?

Take Action

  • Set up your new editorial calendar. Nothing fancy – just download a calendar template for excel and roll with it.
  • Create a trusted place for your ideas. Maybe it’s a notebook, an app, a document – wherever it is, just deem it your only place for new ideas.
  • Prefilm. Public holiday coming up? Woop woop, film two videos rather than one! Have two simple video ideas ready to film? Film them both in one go and get scheduling~


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Making Youtube Thumbnails The Easier Way

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After I’ve spent a few hours filming a video, a few hours editing said video, I don’t feel like making a thumbnail.

Because I’m hella lazy.

Something you might have noticed is that my thumbnails are all very similar across the board – which I like, because it totally creates visual consistency aaaand it caters to my slug life.

In this post, I want to walk you through how I super easily create new thumbnails so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.

1. Download your Editing Program

To create a thumbnail, you need an editing program.

I’m talking a proper, downloaded program here.

I use Affinity Photo, an alternative to photoshop that’s around $80. An awesome cost compared to the $240 a year it costs for photoshop.

2. Create a thumbnail template

Using your editing program, create an image that is 1280 x 720 (the optimal thumbnail size) and fill it with everything you might normally put on your thumbnail.

Save your image so that you can use it whenever you want. Make sure to save it as the programs default file type so that you can manipulate it in future.

3. Create your thumbnail

Do your normal screen cap of your video, and put that image in to your photo editing program.

Resize your image to 1280 x 720, chuck it in to your thumbnail template, do a bit of rejigging of your text.

Walaa! You’re done.

You can do the same thing with blog post graphics, instagram quotes, pinterest photos.

Take Action

Anything that’s easy and repetitive can be semi automated.

Automate as much as you can, rather than having to do the same thing over and over. Not only does it create consistency, but it makes life simpler.


  • A FREE ‘Kill It On Youtube‘ Checklist for you to fill in that’ll help you refine your channel and generally up your youtube game.
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How to Think of Video Ideas for Youtube

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One of the most intimidating things when you start a youtube channel is that you have to come up with new and interesting video ideas.

Every week –  or day, or month, depending on what you’ve set for yourself.

And you cant just think of a new idea and roll with whenever it comes to upload time – because then you’re just relying on inspiration. Which sadly, doesn’t always come.

To help you out, here are EIGHT solid ways to think of new video ideas. Suggestion: Go through this list one by one and create a massive stock pile of video ideas for later on.


1. Steal

“It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”


How many times have you seen the same type of video uploaded by different people?

There’s nothing wrong with doing something that’s already been done. As long as you put your own spin on it.

So make videos that are already out there – just make sure your videos are better, and done in your own way.

2. Join a community

If you’re a beauty youtuber, join a beauty facebook group – if you’re a mountain bike reviewer, join a mountain biking enthusiasts forum.

Find out what questions are being asked the most in these communities, and make videos covering those questions.

3. Follow Trends

Find out what’s popular in your niche by creeping Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social media sites your audience is on.

When chokers just started to gain more popularity, I jumped on it and made a DIY choker video that got over 44,000 views.

If you make good content on popular trends at the right time, you can do really well.

4. Listen to your Audience

If you have a youtube audience, you obviously should listen to what your audience wants in the comments section.

If you’ve only just started out – you should listen to what your audience wants in other youtubers comment sections.

And if you figure out a not spammy way to do it – you could even respond to their comment and direct them to your video around their question.

But be beyond careful with that, there’s nothing more annoying than a spammy youtuber.

5. Ask a friend

If you have a friend that’s in to your videos – or someone who you know that watches your videos, ask them what they want to see.

Pick their brains for ideas and figure out what kind of videos they like seeing most from their favourite youtubers.

6. Pay attention IRL

Count how many times a day the people at your work complain about a problem they’re having.

It’s literally non stop.

Pay attention to the stuff people complain about, and make videos on how to fix it.

If you’re a fashion vlogger and you hear someone say ‘Yeah I like the birkenstock trend, but I have no idea how I’d style them’, make a video on styling birkenstocks.

If you’re a lifestyle vlogger and your friend is complaining about how all they want to do is wake up earlier every day, but don’t know how to force themselves to do it, make a video on how to make yourself wake up earlier.

7. Tent Pole Videos

‘Tentpole Marketing’ is what youtube calls making videos around national events and trending topics. Ie. Halloween videos, videos about Amanda Bynes right after the media starts going crazy over her, etc.

Ie.  Christmas is coming, and you’re a beauty vlogger. You could make so many videos, likee –

1. Christmas Daytime Makeup Tutorial

2. Christmas Nightime Makeup Tutorial

3. Top High End Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

4. Top under $15 Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

5.  GRWM Christmas Day

6. My Beauty Christmas Wish List

7. Christmas Costume Makeup (ie. Grinch, Cindy Lou Who)

8. Christmas Beauty Haul

9. Favourite Festive Beauty Products for Christmas

10.  5 Holiday Hair Ideas

The best thing about tent pole videos is that people are always searching for these kinds of videos when you release them.

8. Chill

Sometimes, when you keep on pushing yourself to think of new, creative, excellent video ideas – your brain just stops working.

When you’re 100% stumped, and can’t think of any video ideas in line with your branding and vision, you might just need to chill out for a while.

Take a short break, and see what your subconscious does in the background.

Take Action

Not all of your ideas are going to turn into A++ youtube videos, but that’s how brainstorming works.

Using these eight tips, create a big stockpile of video ideas – that way whenever you’re struggling, you have a whole bunch of ideas to choose from.

If you have any tips for thinking of video ideas, you should 100% put them down in the comments below, and let me know if any of these ideas work for you.

Much love,




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What 3 Youtubers Do Really Friggin Well

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What you can learn from three youtubers that are killing it on youtube.

Since starting Channel Notes – I’ve been seriously mirin other youtubers.

I’ve really started noticing the things youtubers do to make their channels so fabulous.

So today, I’m talking about 3 youtubers I dig and what they do really friggin well on youtube. That you too can do – in your own way.


The first youtuber is Simply_Kenna – and if you haven’t seen this girls youtube channel, you 100% need to bc it is fabulous.

The main thing she does freaking well – visual consistency.

FYI -You should check out my post on creating visual consistency that includes a free, downloadable worksheet.

Kenna has an instantly visible minimal, rustic type theme.

Her consistency is almost crazy. Super warm tones are scattered throughout her videos. Her white fluffy faux sheepskin makes an appearance in just about every upload. Her background is always simple and white. Her intro varies, but stays pretty similar. She even has the same crackly overlay in every one of her videos.

So what can you learn from Kenna?

Plan how you want to create visual consistency on your channel. You can be 100% intentional about visual consistency. You wouldn’t decorate a room without a rough idea of the vibe you want, so why do that to your youtube channel?

So create a consistent intro, maybe get a colour theme going. If you haven’t already, you almost definitely need to fill out my style guide. Visual consistency is so appealing, and so do-able.

You also don’t have to put in a heap of effort to achieve it.

Steal the Spotlight

Katie from Steal the Spotlight has crazy dedication levels. If you’re already doing youtube, you know the amount of effort it would take to film and edit her videos.

What she does really friggin well – once again, is consistency. In content.

Not of the visual kind. Katie isn’t as visually consistent as Kenna – because lets be real, Kenna’s on a whole different level.

But she’s crazy consistent in the type of content she puts out there.

If you know steal the spotlight, the first thing that comes to mind is Lookbooks. Fashion. Clothes.

Some people are weird about varying your content up on youtube, and think it’s boring to stick to the one thing. I think it’s kind of the better way to go. I don’t have a thing I want to stick to with my main channel, muchelleb, but I wish I did, because it’s so effective.

Katie posts fashion videos. Always. With a few occasional makeup looks/ diys to keep things interesting.  She’s made herself a go to youtuber for anything fashion. If I were struggling to style something, first thing I’d search would be Steal the Spotlight.

She also puts out awesome, high quality, well edited videos – every single week. Has she ever missed a video? Unlikely. Has she ever released a dissapointing video? Literally no. She wouldn’t even know how.

For now, this channel is a passion project that I do because I enjoy it. Someday, if it ever grows into something bigger, I want to do interviews with youtubers. Katie is 100% one of the first people I’d interview, because I want to pick her freaking brain.

Cheap Lazy Vegan.

Because, that niche.

In my ‘Plan your youtube channel’ video I talk about creating specific videos, in a specific way, for a specific audience.

Well, this channel, is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Cheap Lazy Vegan has Vegan Recipe / Guidance videos, in an easy to follow format, for cheap and lazy vegans.

She hit the nail on the head. Killed it. Smashed it. I’m a cheap, lazy person that wants to eat more healthy, vegan / vegetarian meals. Her channel is now a go to for me when I need a new meal to cook.

That’s exactly what you want your channel to be – a go to channel. Something I don’t do well with my main channel to be honest, my purpose on muchelleb isn’t super specific. But I know it works well, so I’ll continue to encourage you to narrow down your purpose and get specific.

So that’s what’s up – three youtube channels and the reasons why they are killing it.

Take Action

  • Create a consistent style using my style guide video. Your style doesn’t need to be rustic and minimal, it can be bubbly and colourful – whatever floats your boat.
  • Find a tight-ish niche, narrow down your video categories and don’t stray far, and you’ll turn yourself in to a ‘go to’ person for your niche



  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community

30 First Youtube Video Ideas

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One of the reasons I put off creating my youtube channel for so friggin long was the lack of a “perfect” first video idea.

Surprise – my idea never came.

Today I’m here to break it to you – the “perfect” first video idea that you’re after, will never, ever come – and if you continue searching for it, you’ll never, ever start a youtube channel.

Stop searching for perfection. Your first video doesn’t need to be spectacular – it just needs to be up.

Here are 30 first video ideas. Stop procrastinating and get to it.


  1. A Rant
    You already have something that gets you frustrated – just go make a video about it. 
  2. A 50 Facts About Me Video
    I feel like a 50 facts about me video is a standard gateway in to you and needs to be done.
  3. An informative Video
    Maybe you know a lot about a thing – ie. nipple piercings, on fleek eyebrows, organisation, whatever. Make a super informative video on your thing.
  4. A Favourite Quotes Video
    You probably already have favourite quotes, just make a video about them and why you love them so much.
  5. A Room Tour
    You don’t really need to do much except walk around your room and show people things.
  6. A “What’s on my Phone” Video
    You already have a phone, you already have apps downloaded, all you need to do it show people whats on your phone.
  7. A “What I Eat in a Day” video
    People love seeing the food you put in your mouth on a daily basis.
  8. A Daily Vlog
    Vlogs are so easy to film and so easy to edit.
  9. A “Favourites” Video
    You already have favourites, things you really dig, so just talk about them on camera.
  10. A “How To” Video
    What’s something you’ve done in the past that people are always like – how did you do that?
  11. The Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Best Friend tag
    If you can con those people in to getting on camera – it makes your first video a whole lot less uncomfortable.
  12. A “Tips” video
    Ie. Tips for thrifting, Tips for budgeting, etc.
  13. An Office Tour
    Same deal as a room tour – just show people around your office.
  14. A ‘What I got for _____’
    Ie. Christmas / My Birthday / Etc if it’s around that time of year.
  15. A Story Time Video
    What’s that story that when you tell people everyone pays attention and is like ‘no’ ‘omg’ ‘whaaat’? Tell it again, but on camera.
  16. A “What I Wore in a Week” video / An OOTD
    Set your camera up in one place and once a day film what you wore. Compile it all together and you’re sweet! Or go for an OOTD – e
    ven easier than a what I wore in a week video – basically just film what you wore for the day.
  17. An Opinion Video
    Check what’s trending on facebook or twitter right now and make a video on it.
  18. An “Ideas” Video
    Ie. ‘50 new years resolution ideas’ ‘50 easy recipe ideas’ ‘50 first date ideas’
  19. A Haul
    Literally, make a video showing people the stuff you’ve bought.
  20. A “My Go To Meals” Video
    Once again, people love seeing what you eat.
  21. A “Collection” Video
    Ie. My shoe collection, book collection, fake plant collection.
  22. A Favourites video
    Talk about your favourite books, movies, podcasts, youtubers, videos, whatever.
  23. A Review video
    Legitimately review anything.
  24. 10 Things to be Happy About Video
    If this isn’t easy for you to do, you might need to seek help.
  25. 10 Things to be Angry About Video
    Hopefully this isn’t easier for you to do than the above.
  26. A Bucket List Video
    You probably already kind of have a bucket list in your head – just talk about it.
  27. Things I’ve Learnt in Life Video
    These are easier to do than you think – once you start listing things, you think of more and more.
  28. A “Goals” video
    Kind of like a Bucket List Video, but a bit more concrete.
  29. A DIY video
    Maybe not for everyone, but people loving knowing how to DIY cool things.
  30. A morning routine video
    You already have a morning routine, just film it.

Take Action

Make your first video today. It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t need to be absolute perfection, it just needs to be done.

“Done is better than perfect”



  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community

The Exposure Triangle

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When I first bought my DSLR camera, I was so pumped.

I thought it was like, my frikkin key to the youtube kingdom. Like – once you have a DSLR, you’re in. Right? Wrong. Incorrect. Not true. False.

I switched my new camera to record. Australian sunshine pouring in to the window. And somehow, filmed a video that looked like I had filmed it at night with an old school phone.

So today, we’re going to help you avoid that, with the exposure triangle.

So, what is the exposure triangle? It’s a combination of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.





We’ll start with ISO.

The ISO number on your camera represents how sensitive your camera is to light.

The higher the number, the more sensitive your camera will be – and the more grainy your video will look.

So in this image, the ISO is the highest it can be on my DSLR on the left. On the right, I’m at an ISO of 100. Zoomed in, it looks like this.

In general, keep your ISO down as much as possible depending on your light situation. I film indoors, with good lighting, and try to keep mine at 100 – sometimes I’ll go to 200. You can compensate for your low ISO with your aperture, and your shutter speed.

Next up,


Aperture is how much light you’re actually letting in to your lens. It’s all about that depth of field.

So if you want to get that blurred background look, you need to take control of your aperture.

Apertures measured in f-stops, so those are the f1.8, f5.6 numbers you see on your camera. While you’d think the higher the number, the more light that gets let in – that’s not the case. It’s the lower the f stop, the more light that’s let in through your lens.

To get a super blurry background, you want a lower aperture number – which means more light is let in.

To keep everything more crisp, you want a higher aperture setting – which means less light is let in.

Like this.

Now for –


This is all about how long your shutter opens.

Shutter speed numbers are representative of a fraction of a second.

So if your shutter will be open for 1/60th of a second, that allows enough time to capture movement or motion blur.  It’ll also capture more light and make your video lighter.

1/250th is a shorter time for your shutter to be open, so you’d get a crisper shot and less motion blur.

The shorter time frame you let your shutter  open, the darker.

So now you have a good overview of what ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed is.

Keep in mind that all three functions should  be balanced to make your lighting fabulous.


Take Action

Muck around with different exposure settings and different lighting – find what works for you and suits your aesthetic.




  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community

What I Learnt in 2015 about Growing on Youtube

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Twenty Fifteen is coming to an end, and I have a whole lot of lessons that I’ve learnt on the art of doing youtube throughout the year.

In this post I’m talking about my top lessons I’ve taken away from my last year making videos on youtube that’ll help you to kill it in 2016.

1. Consistency Is Key

Okay, so, I recognise how boring this is as a takeaway for 2015 – but it honestly can’t be said enough.

If you want to do well on youtube, or any platform, you need to be consistent.

Consistency is about building trust with your subscribers. It’s tough. You need to have the drive to be constantly creating new content, and the ability to make the time to plan out your content.

To create consistency – put youtube in your calendar.

Literally. Schedule out Thursday arvo in your calendar to plan your weekly video – write the content, the steps you need to take (ie. buy diy items, plan outfits), the title / tags you’re going to use for your video, and anything else you might need to prep.

Then, go ahead and block out some time on Saturday morning to film your video in your calendar.

Don’t vary from that schedule.

This is one of my biggest goals for 2016 – I want to be the most consistent youtuber ever.

2. Plan your Videos

Don’t sit down to film without a solid plan. This is kind of covered in the above step.

More than once in 2015, I’ve sat down, filmed, and uploaded without any forethought, just a vague idea floating around in my head. Then a week later I’m all

“UHhHhHh I should have done that way differently – I could have made that video so much better”

The point is, sitting down and shooting – while it isn’t necessarily an awful idea, doesn’t always make for awesome videos.

The best videos I’ve made have been ones that have been stewing in my head for a while, that I had a solid action plan behind.

I’ve found that creating a simple ‘video planning template’ for my videos has been the biggest push for me to put more thought into my videos before I go ahead and film.

3. Make Videos ASAP

If a popular topic comes about, and in the back of your mind you’re like ‘yeah I should make a video on that’ – just do it.

There have been SO many times I’ve had ideas to create videos on popular topics – then just procrastinated making them and kind of lost the idea.

A few weeks later, I’d see a similar video to what I wanted to make taking off that was made by another youtuber.

It’s a sucky, sucky feeling when you know you could have made just as awesome of a video around that topic.

So if you have something that pops up in your mind relevant to something popular at the moment, make your video ASAP.  

4. Create Pull In videos


I’m talking christmas videos, valentines date ideas, back to school planning videos, all of it.

And  don’t forget the more ‘trending topic’ videos, like ‘Essena O’Neill’ talky videos when Essenas video was trending, ‘Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial’ videos when Kylies makeup was trending.

I call these videos ‘pull in’ videos.

They’re the kind of videos you make to add value to your channel – but also to bring in new subscribers from search. It’s awesome and totally necessary to create content not specifically to bring people in – but to grow on youtube you alsoneed to be creating content around what people are searching, or you’re going to find it tough to build any audience.

There is a reason these videos are so wide spread – because they’re so searched on at particular times of year.

So write a bigass list of ‘popular topic’ videos you want to film in 2016, and plan them out / schedule them in ahead of time.

This is something I already knew, but really slacked off on doing in 2015. In 2016, I have a solid plan to create at least 1 ‘pull in’ video a month, to reach new people and build a sweet as audience. 


Call to Action

Here are some super actionable points to take away from this post

  • Schedule your video planning time, and your filming time, in to your calendar. Don’t get flexible on this – you need to stick to it.
  • Create a ‘Video Planning Template’ to help you plan out your videos before you film
  • Act on video ideas relating to popular topics ASAP by writing them down in your schedule for your next filming day.
  • Write a big ass list of ‘popular topic’ videos you want to film in 2016, and plan them out / schedule them in ahead of time.


  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
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How to Promote Youtube Videos on Tumblr

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Writers just starting out don’t write a book, publish it and wait for sales. Producers of a new TV series don’t create a show, put it out there and kind of just hope slash pray people will come. Small business owners generally don’t set up shop and wait for people to find them.

And as a youtuber, you shouldn’t just chuck up a video on tumblr and wait for people to come.

In this post I’m talking about promotion, fyi, in case you didn’t catch on. Specifically, the promotion of your youtube videos. On tumblr, one of my favourite social media platforms.

My Tumblr Story

When I first started youtube I totally promoted my videos on tumblr.

By literally sharing them, without any context, giving people no means to find my shared videos and no push to then share them on their blogs. Kinda like this.



After getting zero likes, reblogs or attention in general on my shared videos, I started to look in to it a bit more. Apparently, it takes a bit more than hitting ‘share to tumblr’ on your videos to get attention on your promo-y posts.

I’ve werked on my tumblr game since then, and I feel like I actually have the right to give tips on doing tumblr for youtube promotion.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

You should create images for your Tumblr Posts

(not just share videos)

So when I started using tumblr to promote my channel, I just shared my videos and hoped for the best.

After sharing a few videos, I got literally no reblogs. – and maybe 1 like from a kind hearted subscriber who felt semi-bad for me. Then I started making my own ‘shareable’ images with a lil description, an eye-catching (ish) image to go with – and started getting so much more love.

Like 1000% more love. 2000%, in some cases.

So a huge tip for beginners wanting to promote their videos on tumblr – put a little bit of effort in to creating super shareable images for your social media.

How to make Awesome Social Media Images for Tumblr

  • Canva is a gift from god for the non-photoshop savvy (use their free Pinterest Templates!) or Picmonkey is a pretty fabulous alternative. Both platforms are free, and easy to use.
  • Tall images are where it’s at. Tumblr images are best to be sized at 500px by 750px.
  • Keep your images on-brand. Stick with your vibe.
  • Take photos while you film. One way of making pinterest / tumblr images is to just screen cap your video at certain points – which I’ve done in a whole lot of my images. The best way to get an awesome quality pin is to take photos in amongst your filming – so during a DIY, quickly snap some length ways photos. You can edit these for instagram or facebook later down the line as well.

You should share your words through Tumblr Posts

(Not just share social media images)

You know what people like? Written content that they can relate to. That’s inspiring, entertaining or informative.


These are some of my favourite posts to do – and tend to get a lot of reblogs and likes.

I used to think that my more talky, inspire-y, educational-y videos were kind of useless for tumblr. Super fun to make and totally enjoyable, but not really tumblr-worthy.

Then I actually tried it, by literally writing out what I said in a video (in a bit more of a clean cut, condensed way) and posting. My most popular tumblr post to date is a more ‘informative / educational‘ written post that’s a pretty lengthy, wordy post with only one graphic.

How to make awesome ‘Wordy’ posts

  • Make your more wordy posts super easy to read. Test the readability of your posts with Hemmingway.
  • Don’t use thick chunks of text
  • Bullet points, numbered lists and headings are your friends.


How do people find your images / words / videos tho?

People find your promo posts through tagging, sweet descriptions and submissions.


You can reach so many new people through the search function, just like on youtube.

On Tumblr, the first 20 tags will show up in the search. So use those 20 tags to the max.

Before you start tagging, do a search for the kind of thing you’re posting.

Maybe your image is for your ‘DIY skirt video‘ – Look up DIY skirt through the tumblr search and look at the tags of top results that you can use. Keep in mind that the first 5 will show up in tracked tags, so they should be super relevant.

Sweet Descriptions

Descriptions don’t play a part in search, but it’s still super important to create a lil spiel that gives people a call to action to visit the video.

Ie, you could caption your DIY Skirt video with “dig starwars patterned fabric and the idea of an easy diy using said fabric? you should watch my diy video on making this cute az skirt (link)”

Idk if that’s a fabulous example, but just keep it real, keep it you, and ask people to visit your video in a direct way at the end of your spiel.

I get it – if you’re anything like me, writing calls to action feel really gross.

Just realise you need them to promote the videos you’ve worked super hard on, they don’t hurt anyone, and commit to trying to keep them as not-gross sounding as possible.


Whenever I post a DIY, I go to all of the DIY submission blogs that exist (literally blogs dedicated to posting cool DIYs) and submit my super shareable tumblr image with a little call to action to visit my video.

Most, if not all, accept my submissions and it’s crazy how many people they can send towards your videos.

I encourage you to, 100%, submit your posts if you can, because those super specific niche blogs have hundreds of followers that are really in to that specific topic, and if they like your DIY / Vegan Food Recipe / Home Decor Ideas / Healthy Eating tips, whatever it might be, you can draw in an awesome amount of people.


Fab Examples of my Tumblr Promo Posts

1. Inspiring 

I made a video on new years resolution ideas, and basically just wrote out what I said in list form. Nearly all of the likes and reblogs are from search.




2. Fully Informative

These more super informative posts do really well – this was for an old video that I’m not 100% certain is up anymore? But regardless, information sharing in a super easy to understand tone and easy to digest format does well on the tumblr.




3. Guide / Step by Step Posts

Kind of similar to informative posts, these photo guide type posts do really well – what’s good about this kind of post is that to actually follow the guide you’d 100% have to click on the video link at some point!


4. Fully Visual

A totally visual post directing people towards my halloween video – I still think I should have done this with every halloween costume idea I did but I’m mega lazy. This definitely doesn’t fit in the ‘pretty tumblr post’ category but its a good example of a way to promote your videos.




Some Scattered Tumblr Tips

  • Make your images pretty as hell if possible, tumblr people like pretty things on their blog. I don’t really do this tbh, but it’s omething I know would work (slash should do).
  • If you can’t make your images that pretty, make them really informative.
  • Or if you’re struggling with informative, make them funny or inspiring – basically, anything that evokes a specific emotion is always good
  • Be real on tumblr. On pinterest and some other platforms you can afford to be a bit more ‘professional’ kind of, but authenticity will always win on tumblr.
  • Just like with pinterest, people like tutorial / step by step type pins – if your videos can work with mini ‘guide’ promo images (see examples beloow), 100% do it
  • If you want followers rather than just reblogs, give your tumblr a super specific theme that you always stick to.

So, at this point

You know what kind of posts work on tumblr, how to create them and have a whole bunch of videos ready to be promo’d.

Take action and create some social images or written blogs for videos you already have up and chuck them on tumblr (with a whole bunch of tags and that v important call to action)

Don’t bombard people with your promotional posts – keep your blog varied, upload your posts over time.

Don’t stress if your posts don’t go crazy instantly. Sometimes it takes months before a big blog picks up one of my posts and all of a sudden my reblogs shoot up, sometimes my posts just don’t do that well, just like anything.

Do you have any tumblr-related tips that you’ve used in the past? Share them below so I can include them in this post!


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Four Steps to a Basic Youtube Filming Setup

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You don’t need heaps of money to start filming youtube videos. For sure, lots of money helps, just like it does in right about every situation ever, but I can wholeheartedly say it isn’t mandatory.

In this blog post, I want to show you how to create a grass roots youtube filming setup in 4 super simple steps.



The only piece of tech you genuinely need for getting started on youtube, is a camera.

If you have a new-ish phone, you’re set.

If you have the newest iphone or samsung, you’re beyond set.



Do you have a window with some natural light coming in? There’s your (better) equivalent to expensive kit lighting.

When I started on youtube I seriously thought I needed an expensive lighting kit to get by. So far from true – natural lighting will always be superior to kit lighting, in almost every situation.

Always sit in front of a window where possible. Prop your phone / camera onto a set of books, a table, whatever object you can find and you’ll notice a massive difference in the quality of your videos.

Side tip, this is also what you should do when you take selfies (or any other kind of photo in doors).

Keep in mind, you don’t want to be in direct sunlight – that creates harsh shadows on your face and a contrasty vibe.


I talk a little about designing your backdrop in my ‘Creating a Channel Style Guide’ post.

The basic gist is to inject a bit of your personality into your backdrop. So if your channel has a more boho vibe to it, chuck a dream catcher / fairy lights / etc in the background. If your vibe is more super bold colours and poster art, roll with that.

If you don’t know what your vibe it, don’t get caught up in it. It’s better to start with a white wall and film than dwell on whether you have the perfect backdrop.



I wouldn’t think too hard about upgrading audio until you’ve been doing youtube for a while. For the first year or so on youtube, I used the built in microphone, and that worked for me.

In saying that, there are a few things you can do to up the audio quality of your video

  • Stay away from noisy computers, aircon, fans, etc when you film to prevent background noise in your video. Your camera / phone picks up on these noises better than you think.
  • Make sure that you’re standing the right length away from whatever you’re using the record your audio – if you’re too close, it’ll cause audio distortion. If you’re too far, your voice will be super echo-y. You can only suss out the right length from trial and error, as every camera is different.
  • If you’re using a cheaper camera to record your videos, try recording the audio with your iPhone for a better quality sound.
  • Improve your audio in a free program like audacity. There are heaps of tutorials out there on using audacity – google and youtube are your friends.

Genuinely, that’s all you need for a grass roots youtube filming setup. A decent camera, some natural light and some common sense.

Later down the track, there are definitely some investments you could make. But when you’re just getting started – go from the ground up.



  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community