3 Steps to Showing your Personality on Camera

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Show your personality on youtube


You have a back story, you have quirks and you have passions. Why don’t your subscribers know about them?

Youtube is half about adding value, half about relating to people. If you don’t show your personality, you’re kind of missing the point.

In this post I want to share 3 steps that you can take to actually be a human being on camera.

1. Firstly, get to know yourself a little.

Lets revisit the start of this blog post

“You have a back story, you have quirks, you have passions and you have things that really shit you”

Lets get more specific.

What is your back story? What are your quirks? What are you passionate about? What seriously shits you? – Lets add to that – What inspires you? What motivates you? What do you love? I could literally go on forever, but you get what I mean.

Answer those questions honestly, write notes upon notes. Get to know yourself a little.

Excellent! You’ve just written out a very condensed summary of who you are.

2. Get specific

You have about 5 minutes every week to show your personality and deliver value. That kind of makes it tough.

In saying that, you now have a big list that’ll help you out. What stood out in your list? I can guarantee there was aspect of yourself that just kept on popping up.

Maybe your list really showed your crazy cleanliness side. You’re passionate about having a minimal, clean space. Having an unclean space really shits you. A clean, minimal space really motivates you. One of your quirks is always needing your space to be really clean.

You get what I’m saying. You’ll probably have about 2 – 3 things that really shine through in your list. Those are the aspects of your personality that are ‘stand out’.

These things should be organically making their way in to your videos, but it’s so easy to forget who you are when you hit record that they probably aren’t.

3. Do You Boo

So, one of the aspects you’ve picked is cleanliness. Lauren Elizabeth is also a big fan of things being clean, neat and tidy.

She always mentions in videos that she can’t relax in an unclean environment, in her night and morning routines she has a mini tidying routine before she starts doing her thing. She made a whole video on organising your life. Her being a clean perfectionist freak is a big part of who she is.

The thing is, she does all of that stuff totally organically – I assume. If something is a super big part of your life, don’t be afraid to mention it! Regularly. Every youtuber has quirks, flaws, passions that their subscribers grow to know and love.

Don’t be afraid to inject those big pieces of your personality you’ve found in to your videos.

Take Action

  • Get to know yourself. Write down your passions, dislikes, pet peeves, what makes you glow
  • Pick your stand out attributes from your ‘Getting to know myself’ exercise
  • Capitalise on those attributes in your videos – get vulnerable and show your personality


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