30 First Youtube Video Ideas

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One of the reasons I put off creating my youtube channel for so friggin long was the lack of a “perfect” first video idea.

Surprise – my idea never came.

Today I’m here to break it to you – the “perfect” first video idea that you’re after, will never, ever come – and if you continue searching for it, you’ll never, ever start a youtube channel.

Stop searching for perfection. Your first video doesn’t need to be spectacular – it just needs to be up.

Here are 30 first video ideas. Stop procrastinating and get to it.


  1. A Rant
    You already have something that gets you frustrated – just go make a video about it. 
  2. A 50 Facts About Me Video
    I feel like a 50 facts about me video is a standard gateway in to you and needs to be done.
  3. An informative Video
    Maybe you know a lot about a thing – ie. nipple piercings, on fleek eyebrows, organisation, whatever. Make a super informative video on your thing.
  4. A Favourite Quotes Video
    You probably already have favourite quotes, just make a video about them and why you love them so much.
  5. A Room Tour
    You don’t really need to do much except walk around your room and show people things.
  6. A “What’s on my Phone” Video
    You already have a phone, you already have apps downloaded, all you need to do it show people whats on your phone.
  7. A “What I Eat in a Day” video
    People love seeing the food you put in your mouth on a daily basis.
  8. A Daily Vlog
    Vlogs are so easy to film and so easy to edit.
  9. A “Favourites” Video
    You already have favourites, things you really dig, so just talk about them on camera.
  10. A “How To” Video
    What’s something you’ve done in the past that people are always like – how did you do that?
  11. The Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Best Friend tag
    If you can con those people in to getting on camera – it makes your first video a whole lot less uncomfortable.
  12. A “Tips” video
    Ie. Tips for thrifting, Tips for budgeting, etc.
  13. An Office Tour
    Same deal as a room tour – just show people around your office.
  14. A ‘What I got for _____’
    Ie. Christmas / My Birthday / Etc if it’s around that time of year.
  15. A Story Time Video
    What’s that story that when you tell people everyone pays attention and is like ‘no’ ‘omg’ ‘whaaat’? Tell it again, but on camera.
  16. A “What I Wore in a Week” video / An OOTD
    Set your camera up in one place and once a day film what you wore. Compile it all together and you’re sweet! Or go for an OOTD – e
    ven easier than a what I wore in a week video – basically just film what you wore for the day.
  17. An Opinion Video
    Check what’s trending on facebook or twitter right now and make a video on it.
  18. An “Ideas” Video
    Ie. ‘50 new years resolution ideas’ ‘50 easy recipe ideas’ ‘50 first date ideas’
  19. A Haul
    Literally, make a video showing people the stuff you’ve bought.
  20. A “My Go To Meals” Video
    Once again, people love seeing what you eat.
  21. A “Collection” Video
    Ie. My shoe collection, book collection, fake plant collection.
  22. A Favourites video
    Talk about your favourite books, movies, podcasts, youtubers, videos, whatever.
  23. A Review video
    Legitimately review anything.
  24. 10 Things to be Happy About Video
    If this isn’t easy for you to do, you might need to seek help.
  25. 10 Things to be Angry About Video
    Hopefully this isn’t easier for you to do than the above.
  26. A Bucket List Video
    You probably already kind of have a bucket list in your head – just talk about it.
  27. Things I’ve Learnt in Life Video
    These are easier to do than you think – once you start listing things, you think of more and more.
  28. A “Goals” video
    Kind of like a Bucket List Video, but a bit more concrete.
  29. A DIY video
    Maybe not for everyone, but people loving knowing how to DIY cool things.
  30. A morning routine video
    You already have a morning routine, just film it.

Take Action

Make your first video today. It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t need to be absolute perfection, it just needs to be done.

“Done is better than perfect”



  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community

14 Comments on “30 First Youtube Video Ideas”

  1. Dana

    Heyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I’m creating a youtube channel in july and I needed help with my first youtube video and what it should be. My idea for my first video would be 35 fact about me but idk if that would be boring to them. Please help!!!!!

    1. Jayda

      Hey im creating a YouTube channel soon aswell. I was going to do a channel intro telling people that im going to be on YouTube and basically explaning my channel. Then i was going to do a few facts. I think your idea is great but maybe a bit less facts to not bore your subs. Hope this helped !! Xx

    2. isra

      i will watch that i am just starting out my channel as well i havent even posted what is your channel called i will subscribe if you subscribe izzy and hibby

  2. Ava

    Dana i did 50 it was great!!! If you tell stories about how you started to like that certin thing or the fact like how u got a pet or what teachers are mean. I did that and it was great!!! Just tell the details.

  3. jayce

    hello dana so i started my channel and for my first video is important facts about me so give that a try

    1. Valenteen Boateng

      1. make sure the thumbnail is relevant to the video
      2. make it eye catching, e.g bright colours, maybe even clickbait
      3.if it’s going to be a picture of you make sure it’s a good quality one, if it’s not of you i’d advise using PicMonkey, it’s what I use to make my thumbnails.

      Hope this helped, by the way what’s your youtube channel name?

  4. Melanie

    Your 30 facts helped a ton with ideas! I’m filming my first video today! I know this is what I really want to do, so hopefully all goes well. Now just thinking of a title that will stand out!

  5. Katie

    These are all great ideas… but I’m not exactly good at talking on camera… Do you have any tips on how to get better at that?

  6. Dr.Tuhin Sharma

    wow,there are so many videos idea. All ideas are great..people will be helpful from it. I’ve a channel names tuhin’s tips & I’m reviewed gadgets, tech tips for different mobile apps, how to do it etc.

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