The Secret to Consistency

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When I took Gretchen Rubins personality test, I came out a ‘rebel’ personality. Meaning I resist outer and inner expectations / don’t like doing what people tell me to do – OR what I try to tell myself to do. A crappy personality type to have when you’re getting serious about being consistent as a youtuber. You’re probably done with me preaching … Read More

What I Learnt in 2015 about Growing on Youtube

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  Twenty Fifteen is coming to an end, and I have a whole lot of lessons that I’ve learnt on the art of doing youtube throughout the year. In this post I’m talking about my top lessons I’ve taken away from my last year making videos on youtube that’ll help you to kill it in 2016. 1. Consistency Is Key Okay, so, … Read More

How to Promote Youtube Videos on Tumblr

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  Writers just starting out don’t write a book, publish it and wait for sales. Producers of a new TV series don’t create a show, put it out there and kind of just hope slash pray people will come. Small business owners generally don’t set up shop and wait for people to find them. And as a youtuber, you shouldn’t just chuck … Read More