How to Think of Video Ideas for Youtube

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  One of the most intimidating things when you start a youtube channel is that you have to come up with new and interesting video ideas. Every week –  or day, or month, depending on what you’ve set for yourself. And you cant just think of a new idea and roll with whenever it comes to upload time – because then … Read More

30 First Youtube Video Ideas

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One of the reasons I put off creating my youtube channel for so friggin long was the lack of a “perfect” first video idea. Surprise – my idea never came. Today I’m here to break it to you – the “perfect” first video idea that you’re after, will never, ever come – and if you continue searching for it, you’ll … Read More

What to Name your Youtube Channel

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Thinking of what to name your youtube channel can be one of the biggest blocks in actually getting started. It’s right up there with choosing your niche. One minute you’re very much in the ‘Yees! I’m 100% doing this!’ mind frame. Next minute you can’t think of a channel name and you brainstorm for hours and then a week goes … Read More

How to Feel Comfortable On Camera

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I was never made to be on camera – I’m not a naturally social person, words don’t flow out of my mouth quickly and easily, and as soon as a camera comes on I feel slightly out of my comfort zone. After filming my first 5 or 6 videos, I was ready to give up completely. I remember sitting on … Read More

Finding your Niche on Youtube

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When I was little, I wanted to be a nurse. I also wanted to be a teacher. A vet. An egyptologist. An actor. A singer. The owner of a small clothing business. It was so difficult for me to pick a thing and stick with it. It’s still so difficult to pick a thing and stick with it. Today, we’re … Read More

Creating a Style Guide for your Youtube Channel

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People are more likely to follow you on instagram if you have an instagram ‘theme’, and you keep your photos visually consistent. Same with youtube videos. People dig visual consistency. At this point, your Channel Plan and Subscriber Persona should have you pretty set with consistency in your content and voice, so now you just need to work out them aesthetics. This is … Read More