Creating a Style Guide for your Youtube Channel

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People are more likely to follow you on instagram if you have an instagram ‘theme’, and you keep your photos visually consistent.

Same with youtube videos. People dig visual consistency.

At this point, your Channel Plan and Subscriber Persona should have you pretty set with consistency in your content and voice, so now you just need to work out them aesthetics.

This is where you create a ‘style guide’ –  to help you build a stand out style, keep visual consistency, and save time and trouble in the long run.

Create a style guide for your youtube channel to build a stand out style.

What’s a style guide for?

  • It’s for keeping visual consistency (Have I maybe mentioned that already? Unsure.)
  • Your style will become recognisable – Ie. MuchelleB is well recognised for the use of purple overlays.
  • It’s saves time and trouble (You know how you use a font and love it then completely forget what it was and spend a good half an hour searching for it? No need. Find it in your style guide)

Download The Style Guide Template


#1 – Google Docs Worksheet

How to use your style guide

Colour Palette

Stick with a consistent colour palette on your channel by using the same colours throughout your videos and graphics.


If you can, use the same kind of fonts throughout your videos, in thumbnails / headers and on social media.

This section is so helpful when it’s been a few months since you’ve created a graphic and you forget the font type you used last time.

Video Backdrop

Try to make all different aspects of your channel suit your channels vibe – incl. your video backdrop.

If your channels vibe is ‘motivating & boho’, hang up some motivating quotes in the background and maybe chuck in some fake plants, candles, fairy lights, whatever suits your channels vibe.

Here you can describe the vibe of your video backdrop, and give a brief overview of things like colors, lighting, etc. Include some inspiring photos to help you when you design your backdrop.

Ie. “Warm coloured background, with yellow fairy lights and interestingly framed quotes.”


Keeping with your channels vibe, describe how you edit your thumbnails.

An awesome way to make your life easier is to create ‘thumbnail templates’ that you can keep coming back to whenever you put up a new video.

Ie. “Purple overlay, with iPhone emojis’

Pop in some examples for future reference.


This relates to your instagram / social media photos. These are all part of your branding, and should be faaairly in line with your channel style.

For example – All Channel Notes photos are crisp and fresh. They have a lot of white space, and are generally motivating and inspiring.

Paste some examples of photos you might use in here for future reference. Make sure they all have a similar aesthetic.


You might have something else you want to include in your style guide, like how you wear your makeup / style yourself, how you edit your videos, whatever it might be, include it.

Get Inspired

Maybe at this point you have loads of awesome ideas for how you want your channel to look, down the fonts. Maybe you’re struggling.

If you’re feeling kind of helpless with the visual side of things, give one of these two ideas a try.

  1. Start a Pinterest BoardOn a podcast I listen to run by a website designer – she mentioned that as part of her creative process she had her clients started a pinterest board full of photos that inspired them.It’s similar with websites like stitchfix, a clothing box subscription. They ask you to create a pinterest board so that they can get a rounded idea of your taste in clothing – I do it personally with a fashion and home office board, for inspiration on home decor and styling.Once you start pinning it gets easier and easier to see the kind of style you’re into. What you pin doesn’t necessarily have to be youtube channel related – just make sure that it fits with your channels vibe.
  2. Look at your Favourite YoutubersVisit your favourite youtubers pages and look at what it is that draws you to their page. Write down what you like about their pages, and what you don’t.Maybe you’ll find you have an undiscovered love for thick chunky themed fonts, or you’re a black and white only kind of person.When I did up MuchelleB’s banner, I looked at a few other youtubers – Lauren Curtis has the most simple banner ever (in a great way). It looks nothing like mine, but I totally got inspiration from her.
  3. Revisit your Social MediaYour instagram is a collection of photos that you probably dig in an aesthetic sense – maybe all of your photos are edited so that they look blue tinged, and half of them are of flowers or nature.Maybe all of them are of very concrete-y and inspired by modern architecture. If your instagram photos suit the vibe you’ve set for your channel – take inspiration from them.They’re  a prime example of your personal taste, and incorporating aspects of them in to your channel style will only make your channel more authentic.


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  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community


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