How to Make a Youtube Banner

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A lot of people never actually create a youtube banner for their channel.

They just pick an image (ie. a cute background from tumblr, a photo they took of the beach two years ago), upload it and hope for the best.

The image might go all weird and stretched, be totally not in line with their channels vibe and create total confusion when a new person visits their channel, but the fear of having to pay for a program like photoshop (and learn said program) prevails.



Your channel banner keeps your channel visually consistent (also pretty), tells new viewers exactly what you’re about, and can make you stand out amongst other youtubers.

Let me be clear on a few things here re. how to make a youtube banner –

  • Actually making a youtube banner for your channel costs nothing
  • You can use a no skills required online editing program
  • It’ll take you literally 10 minutes (unless you’re fussy and create about 10 versions until you’re 100% happy like me).

For something that can make such a difference, it’s worth the really small amount of effort that goes in to it.


Download the Channel Art Template

Channel Art Template (Fireworks)
Youtube has a channel banner template for content creators to use when making their banner – click here to download the standard youtube channel banner template.

I’ve created a simpler template that’s a bit easier to use, it’s useful because you can see exactly what you’re doing when you edit with it.

Click here to download my version of the channel banner template.


Choose what to put on your Banner

When you’re choosing what to chuck onto your banner, keep your channels ‘vibe’ in mind (I talk about your ‘channel vibe’ more in my creating a channel plan post).

You want to make it really clear to people what your channel is about and what kind of videos you make.

Here are a few ideas for what kind of things to put on your channel banner.

  • Your channel name (This should be the focus of your banner)
  • The days / frequency that you upload (eg. New Videos Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
  • A channel tagline (eg. Fasion, Life, Beauty – maybe try to be a bit more original)
  • Social Media Icons
  • A photo f you
  • A photo of your work (if you’re a DIY channel – your best DIY projects, if you’re a beauty channel – your best looks)
  • A subscribe button (this won’t be linkable – butit’s a good reminder for visitors to subscribe)

Once you have a rough idea of what you’ll put on your banner, go out and pick a background as well as some graphics to use.

To get these kind of images, a lot of people search for tumblr backgrounds, free backgrounds and tumblr graphics on google images.

Make sure what you use is free for personal use, and check whether you need to credit the creator before you make your banner.

Load your Channel Art Template

Pic Monkey is the best to use for creating your banner. (if you’re not a fan of Pic Monkey, Canva is your next best option)

So to get started, click the edit button and load in your channel art template.


Create your Banner

So now, you can load everything in – make sure you put anything important in the ‘text and logo safe area‘, or if you used my template, in the red box.

The main tools I use are the ‘Text Tool’ (Tt) and the ‘Overlay Tool’ (Butterfly Symbol). The text tool lets you put in things like your channel name and tag line, and the overlay tool lets you put in any graphics or images that you want.



Get rid of the Channel Art Template

Once you’ve chucked everything you need in the safe area of the channel art template, get rid of it by heading to basic edits > canvas colour.



Change the colour to erase the template, then if you want to, head to the textures tab and load up one of the backgrounds you’ve saved as your banner background.

Save your Youtube Banner

Click the Save button and click Save to My Computer. Change the file extension to a .png not .jpg.


Upload your new channel banner to youtube

Go to your youtube channel, and on the top right of your banner space, click on the pen icon. Select Edit Channel Art from the drop down.


Drop your saved file in to the drag and drop space and then hit Select to load your banner to your channel.


To get you inspired and give you some ideas for the kind of vibe you want your banner to give, here are a few channel banners from popular youtubers.

Raches Life Vlog Channel Banner
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Happy youtube channel art creating!




  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community




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