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You want to start a youtube channel really bad. For whatever reason, you put off making your first video for a few months. Then, you finally make a video, but you hate it and delete it.

Eventually, you get around to putting up another video , but you get like 5 views and 0 comments or likes. So, naturally, you give up.

3 reasons why you probably need to create a Channel Plan:

  1. You get a clear focus on what your channel is about
  2. You create a solid, actionable idea of what you need to do to create your channel, and how you’re going to get to where you want to be.
  3. “A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupery  #truth

If you want to start a channel that has a purpose and that people dig, I promise a channel plan will be useful.


How to Use your Plan

Pin it on your wall, Make it your desktop background, Keep it in your diary – chuck it somewhere visible.

Refer to it when you go to create a video.  When you’re starting to feel shitty about your channel, read over it for a reminder of your whole purpose. Every once in a while, review it. If your plan no longer fits with what makes you feel good and authentic – tweak and rewrite.

Download The Plan

Channel-Plan  Google-Docs-Channel-Pla

Image #1
Channel Plan PDF
Image #2Google Docs Channel Plan

CHANNEL Plan Guide

If you’re not sure how to fill out your channel plan – I gotchu. Just read through the guide.

define your channel

What’s your channels vibe?

    • List three words that you want you channel to vibe. Ie. – Minimal, High Class, Authentic, or – Authentic, Vibrant, Sassy. You want all aspects of your channel to vibe those three words.

What’s your channels v specific purpose?

    • What specific thing do you make videos about , in a specific way, for a specific audience. Let’s go ahead and say specific one more time. Try to be specific.
    • So – I make videos about Building a youtube channel and making quality videos, in an authentic step by step way, for creative babes.

Who are your ideal subscribers? Who are your people?

What makes your channel individual / stand out?

    • There are so many youtube channels that exist. What makes your channel unique and ‘you’?
Channel Standards

What kind of videos do you make?

  • Make sure the kinds of videos you make link back to your specific purpose, and your vibe.

What will your first 3 videos be?

  • If you’re just starting out, list the first three videos you want to publish on your channel to get you started.

What does your schedule look like?

  • How often do you upload?  People dig consistency.
  • When do you upload?
  • How do you schedule your videos?  Do you pre film them and schedule a month ahead? Do you track your schedule in a notebook / film and upload on the weekly? Do you use sunrise calendar and have your whole seasons content all planned out?

What tech do you need to get started?

What tech stuff do you need? Don’t feel pressured here – always start with the easy / free stuff.

    • Google Account
    • Decent Quality Camera (Iphone cameras are fab)
    • Tripod (Or a Makeshift Tripod)
    • Video editing program (Use the one that comes with your computer to start out)
    • Photo editing tool (Try picmonkey)
    • Lighting Equipment (A window)
    • Decent Internet
    • A mic (Use your cameras in built mic at first, and plan to save up for something later)
    • Channel Specific Items – Ie. A DIY Channel might need a large table to film videos on.

What do you need / want to learn to make your channel super great?

Is there anything you want to learn about to make your channel better?

  • Classes / Online Courses (Ie. photoshop, premiere pro / cooking, craft, etc classes)
  • Books (Ie. the books listed on my resources page)
  • Blogs (Ie. Subscribing to design blogs to improve your channel design, videography technique blogs to improve your filming, etc)
Channel Goals

What’re your 1 Year Channel goals?

  • What are 1 – 3 channel goals you want to achieve within the next year?

What’re your 3 Month Channel goals?

  • What are 1 – 3 goals you can achieve in the next 3 months, that will work towards your yearly goals?

What small steps do you need to take to achieve your 3 month goals?

  • So what do you need to go to reach your 3 monthly goals? Make a to do list and hustle.
Channel Style

What’s your channels aesthetic / style?


List three youtube channels similar to yours.

  • List 3 channels that make videos similar to yours, or that sit in the same niche.

Suss them out

Keep in mind, this isn’t a way to hate on other channels, or to compare people. It’s just a way to figure out how your own channel can be A++.

  • List 3 things each of these channels do really well.
  • List 3 things each of these channels could do better.
  • What’s your channels advantage over these channels? What makes your channel better for your people.

It’d be so great if you could just make a video and people would flock to it, but that’s not how youtube is. You need to promote your videos to reach your people.

List the main ways that people are going to find your channel / videos – Eg.

    • Collabs
    • Through comments on other youtubers videos
    • Through really searchable videos
    • Instagram Promotion
    • Tumblr Submissions
    • Pinterest
    • Etc

Success is totally different for everyone. Some people are happy as long as their videos make them happy, some want 100k subscribers in the next two months. Figure out your definition of success to keep your channel on track.

How will you measure your channels success?

  • List the main ways that you will measure your success Ie.
    • How happy you feel with your videos
    • How many comments you get
    • How many subscribers you have
    • How long people are watching your videos for
    • How much you’ve learnt
    • How many relationships you’ve made
    • etc

Remember – it’s useless tracking this stuff if you aren’t doing anything with what you find.

If you track your success by how many comments you get, and you haven’t had any comments for the last month – rather than seeing your lack of comments and feeling awful, you need to to look at ways to get more engagement with your videos, and switch the way you approach things up.


You’ve now got a solid plan for your channel – well friggin done, you are fantastic and I believe in you 100%.

Starting a youtube channel is overwhelming, but having a plan in place helps so much.

If you’re a new youtuber – or someone that’s been at it for forever, do you have anything else you think should be included in a channel plan? Let me know.

Much Love xoxoxo




  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community


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    Getting started on my channel plan! Thanks so much for making such a great and easy way to keep myself organized and on track. Love your videos by the way!

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