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Writers just starting out don’t write a book, publish it and wait for sales. Producers of a new TV series don’t create a show, put it out there and kind of just hope slash pray people will come. Small business owners generally don’t set up shop and wait for people to find them.

And as a youtuber, you shouldn’t just chuck up a video on tumblr and wait for people to come.

In this post I’m talking about promotion, fyi, in case you didn’t catch on. Specifically, the promotion of your youtube videos. On tumblr, one of my favourite social media platforms.

My Tumblr Story

When I first started youtube I totally promoted my videos on tumblr.

By literally sharing them, without any context, giving people no means to find my shared videos and no push to then share them on their blogs. Kinda like this.

After getting zero likes, reblogs or attention in general on my shared videos, I started to look in to it a bit more. Apparently, it takes a bit more than hitting ‘share to tumblr’ on your videos to get attention on your promo-y posts.

I’ve werked on my tumblr game since then, and I feel like I actually have the right to give tips on doing tumblr for youtube promotion.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

You should create images for your Tumblr Posts

(not just share videos)

So when I started using tumblr to promote my channel, I just shared my videos and hoped for the best.

After sharing a few videos, I got literally no reblogs. – and maybe 1 like from a kind hearted subscriber who felt semi-bad for me. Then I started making my own ‘shareable’ images with a lil description, an eye-catching (ish) image to go with – and started getting so much more love.

Like 1000% more love. 2000%, in some cases.

So a huge tip for beginners wanting to promote their videos on tumblr – put a little bit of effort in to creating super shareable images for your social media.

How to make Awesome Social Media Images for Tumblr

  • Canva is a gift from god for the non-photoshop savvy (use their free Pinterest Templates!) or Picmonkey is a pretty fabulous alternative. Both platforms are free, and easy to use.
  • Tall images are where it’s at. Tumblr images are best to be sized at 500px by 750px.
  • Keep your images on-brand. Stick with your vibe.
  • Take photos while you film. One way of making pinterest / tumblr images is to just screen cap your video at certain points – which I’ve done in a whole lot of my images. The best way to get an awesome quality pin is to take photos in amongst your filming – so during a DIY, quickly snap some length ways photos. You can edit these for instagram or facebook later down the line as well.

You should share your words through Tumblr Posts

(Not just share social media images)

You know what people like? Written content that they can relate to. That’s inspiring, entertaining or informative.


These are some of my favourite posts to do – and tend to get a lot of reblogs and likes.

I used to think that my more talky, inspire-y, educational-y videos were kind of useless for tumblr. Super fun to make and totally enjoyable, but not really tumblr-worthy.

Then I actually tried it, by literally writing out what I said in a video (in a bit more of a clean cut, condensed way) and posting. My most popular tumblr post to date is a more ‘informative / educational‘ written post that’s a pretty lengthy, wordy post with only one graphic.

How to make awesome ‘Wordy’ posts

  • Make your more wordy posts super easy to read. Test the readability of your posts with Hemmingway.
  • Don’t use thick chunks of text
  • Bullet points, numbered lists and headings are your friends.


How do people find your images / words / videos tho?

People find your promo posts through tagging, sweet descriptions and submissions.


You can reach so many new people through the search function, just like on youtube.

On Tumblr, the first 20 tags will show up in the search. So use those 20 tags to the max.

Before you start tagging, do a search for the kind of thing you’re posting.

Maybe your image is for your ‘DIY skirt video‘ – Look up DIY skirt through the tumblr search and look at the tags of top results that you can use. Keep in mind that the first 5 will show up in tracked tags, so they should be super relevant.

Sweet Descriptions

Descriptions don’t play a part in search, but it’s still super important to create a lil spiel that gives people a call to action to visit the video.

Ie, you could caption your DIY Skirt video with “dig starwars patterned fabric and the idea of an easy diy using said fabric? you should watch my diy video on making this cute az skirt (link)”

Idk if that’s a fabulous example, but just keep it real, keep it you, and ask people to visit your video in a direct way at the end of your spiel.

I get it – if you’re anything like me, writing calls to action feel really gross.

Just realise you need them to promote the videos you’ve worked super hard on, they don’t hurt anyone, and commit to trying to keep them as not-gross sounding as possible.


Whenever I post a DIY, I go to all of the DIY submission blogs that exist (literally blogs dedicated to posting cool DIYs) and submit my super shareable tumblr image with a little call to action to visit my video.

Most, if not all, accept my submissions and it’s crazy how many people they can send towards your videos.

I encourage you to, 100%, submit your posts if you can, because those super specific niche blogs have hundreds of followers that are really in to that specific topic, and if they like your DIY / Vegan Food Recipe / Home Decor Ideas / Healthy Eating tips, whatever it might be, you can draw in an awesome amount of people.


Fab Examples of my Tumblr Promo Posts

1. Inspiring 

I made a video on new years resolution ideas, and basically just wrote out what I said in list form. Nearly all of the likes and reblogs are from search.



2. Fully Informative

These more super informative posts do really well – this was for an old video that I’m not 100% certain is up anymore? But regardless, information sharing in a super easy to understand tone and easy to digest format does well on the tumblr.

3. Guide / Step by Step Posts

Kind of similar to informative posts, these photo guide type posts do really well – what’s good about this kind of post is that to actually follow the guide you’d 100% have to click on the video link at some point!

4. Fully Visual

A totally visual post directing people towards my halloween video – I still think I should have done this with every halloween costume idea I did but I’m mega lazy. This definitely doesn’t fit in the ‘pretty tumblr post’ category but its a good example of a way to promote your videos.

Some Scattered Tumblr Tips

  • Make your images pretty as hell if possible, tumblr people like pretty things on their blog. I don’t really do this tbh, but it’s omething I know would work (slash should do).
  • If you can’t make your images that pretty, make them really informative.
  • Or if you’re struggling with informative, make them funny or inspiring – basically, anything that evokes a specific emotion is always good
  • Be real on tumblr. On pinterest and some other platforms you can afford to be a bit more ‘professional’ kind of, but authenticity will always win on tumblr.
  • Just like with pinterest, people like tutorial / step by step type pins – if your videos can work with mini ‘guide’ promo images (see examples beloow), 100% do it
  • If you want followers rather than just reblogs, give your tumblr a super specific theme that you always stick to.

So, at this point

You know what kind of posts work on tumblr, how to create them and have a whole bunch of videos ready to be promo’d.

Take action and create some social images or written blogs for videos you already have up and chuck them on tumblr (with a whole bunch of tags and that v important call to action)

Don’t bombard people with your promotional posts – keep your blog varied, upload your posts over time.

Don’t stress if your posts don’t go crazy instantly. Sometimes it takes months before a big blog picks up one of my posts and all of a sudden my reblogs shoot up, sometimes my posts just don’t do that well, just like anything.

Do you have any tumblr-related tips that you’ve used in the past? Share them below so I can include them in this post!


  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community


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  1. Rashid Eldoma

    I am probably the only guy here, but this is VERY helpful!
    I really enjoyed your video and its quality in presentation AND content.
    I’m trying to build a channel that I started 6 months ago, and most of my subscribers I’ve gotten from word of mouth. I’m focusing on comedy content, but i’m really trying to experiment with different types of content in the next year.
    Thank you so much for all your tips!

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