The Secret to Consistency

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When I took Gretchen Rubins personality test, I came out a ‘rebel’ personality.

Meaning I resist outer and inner expectations / don’t like doing what people tell me to do – OR what I try to tell myself to do.

A crappy personality type to have when you’re getting serious about being consistent as a youtuber.

You’re probably done with me preaching that consistency is key (most people need to be told something like 10 times for it to sink in tho just sayin’) – but the thing is, consistency REALLY IS KEY.

You need to show up providing consistent value, in a consistent way, at a consistent time to build trust in your subscribers and build a successful youtube channel. #Consistently.


A few months ago I decided I wanted to transform myself and become a mega consistent presence on youtube (as opposed to an all over the place, whenever I had a chance kind of presence)

I’m still on my journey, but can confidently say I’m about 110% more consistent thanks to the action I’ve taken to put strategies in place.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how I become a way more consistent youtuber.

Action#1 Create an Editorial Calendar

The term ‘editorial calendar’ sounds super serious because usually it’s used for more corporate type establishments. So lets trade that term with video schedule bc it sounds much less intimidating.

Best decision of my youtube life was creating a video schedule.

Next best decision of my youtube life was committing to actually utilising that video schedule.

Like your mother / uncle / teacher told you when you were younger, prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Your inner rebel will now be saying ‘But why?’  ‘That sounds like a gross amount of work’ ‘Ughh that’d put me in such a box’ ‘I’d really rather not’.

I feel you – I struggled with that mentality for ages. Let me run you through my thoughts when I contemplated creating an editorial calendar + comebacks to those thoughts as post editorial calendar Michelle.

But why?

Because you’ve been inconsistent as hell, your subscribers are totally losing trust in you, you’re relying on inspiration rather than planning, nothing else you’ve done to remain consistent has worked, and also because I said so.

That sounds like a gross amount of work tho

I mean, it is but it isn’t. It might take a decent chunk of your weekend, but once you get started – you’ll be right #straya.

Ughh that’d put me in such a box creatively

Okay, yes, you’re planning creativity – but what you’ve been doing prior to that is relying on inspiration. Side note, that obviously hasn’t been working for you. Also, because I know that you hate being boxed into doing something – you’re free to change your editorial calendar whenever you want. You’ll find yourself more inspired and thinking of more ideas when it exists anyways, so feel free to move planned videos around if you feel the need.

What platform do I use to create the calendar though? 

Keep it as simple as possible. I use an excel spreadsheet in google drive, that way I can access it anywhere and it’s simple as to fill in.

How will this even help me with consistency?

Well, you won’t have to come up with an awesome idea on demand every week. You’ll be able to effectively plan ahead seeing as you know what you’re creating in a month or so’s time. Your time management will be killer because you know how much time you’ll need roughy every weekend, thanks to your editorial calendar. Since you’ll be planning all your videos ahead, you’ll be able to look at them as a whole and make sure they’re consistent in value and style.

I’d really rather not

Ya, I feel you, that’s how I felt a year or so ago. Just leave it for now, and if you find yourself flailing and being an inconsistent slug in future, come back to this post.

I promise you, if you create a video schedule for a month or two in advance (and most importantly, stick to it) you will change your youtube life.

Action#2 Keep your ideas in a trusted space

My video schedule has a tab where I list all of my video ideas. Every time an idea pops into my head for a video, that’s where I put it.

What did I used to do when I thought of a video idea? Welp, I might’ve written it in my phone notes. Or emailed it to myself. Or written it on the receipt that I found in my bag. Or put it in one of my 100 notebooks.

Then I found myself not being able to find a trace of my many ideas anywhere – because I’d scattered them right about everywhere.

A lot of this blog / youtube channel is me sharing lessons based on my mistakes (lucky you!). My mistake in this instance was not having one trusted, reliable, go-to space where I kept all of my ideas.

My biggest struggle in being consistent was not feeling inspired, and having ideas to pull from. Now I have an abundance of ideas that I can use whenever I want, because I know exactly where to find them.

Also, having that list right there with my schedule makes sure I don’t just sit on ideas for forever, and I totally recommend you do the same.

Action#3 Pre Film

I currently have 3 videos pre-filmed for my main channel and I feel like such a freaking boss.

Having ‘Emergency videos’ to upload when you’re not able to film would make me feel even more like a boss, but hey, I’m working on it.

If you pre film, you won’t feel that pressure of ‘oh god i have to film have to film ahhHHHHHHhhhhhh killlll emeeeeee’ (idk maybe that’s just a me thing). You’ll know that you have a video already scheduled for this weekend, and you’ll feel like rather than feeling like you HAVE to film, you’ll feel like you’re CHOOSING to film. Best thing ever for a ‘rebel’ who hates feeling like they don’t have a choice.

Extra tip – I know that sometimes you just want to upload absolutely all the content you’ve created in one go because you’re so beyond excited- but don’t. For your mental health, schedule that content out over the next few weeks and get on top of the game.

Pre Film Pre Film Pre Film, I can’t recommend it enough.

Those are my three secrets to being a consistent, on time kinda youtuber. Personally, they’ve totally transformed the way I go about doing youtube. Do you have any tips for how you stay consistent?

Take Action

  • Set up your new editorial calendar. Nothing fancy – just download a calendar template for excel and roll with it.
  • Create a trusted place for your ideas. Maybe it’s a notebook, an app, a document – wherever it is, just deem it your only place for new ideas.
  • Prefilm. Public holiday coming up? Woop woop, film two videos rather than one! Have two simple video ideas ready to film? Film them both in one go and get scheduling~


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