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One of the most intimidating things when you start a youtube channel is that you have to come up with new and interesting video ideas.

Every week –  or day, or month, depending on what you’ve set for yourself.

And you cant just think of a new idea and roll with whenever it comes to upload time – because then you’re just relying on inspiration. Which sadly, doesn’t always come.

To help you out, here are EIGHT solid ways to think of new video ideas. Suggestion: Go through this list one by one and create a massive stock pile of video ideas for later on.


1. Steal

“It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”


How many times have you seen the same type of video uploaded by different people?

There’s nothing wrong with doing something that’s already been done. As long as you put your own spin on it.

So make videos that are already out there – just make sure your videos are better, and done in your own way.

2. Join a community

If you’re a beauty youtuber, join a beauty facebook group – if you’re a mountain bike reviewer, join a mountain biking enthusiasts forum.

Find out what questions are being asked the most in these communities, and make videos covering those questions.

3. Follow Trends

Find out what’s popular in your niche by creeping Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social media sites your audience is on.

When chokers just started to gain more popularity, I jumped on it and made a DIY choker video that got over 44,000 views.

If you make good content on popular trends at the right time, you can do really well.

4. Listen to your Audience

If you have a youtube audience, you obviously should listen to what your audience wants in the comments section.

If you’ve only just started out – you should listen to what your audience wants in other youtubers comment sections.

And if you figure out a not spammy way to do it – you could even respond to their comment and direct them to your video around their question.

But be beyond careful with that, there’s nothing more annoying than a spammy youtuber.

5. Ask a friend

If you have a friend that’s in to your videos – or someone who you know that watches your videos, ask them what they want to see.

Pick their brains for ideas and figure out what kind of videos they like seeing most from their favourite youtubers.

6. Pay attention IRL

Count how many times a day the people at your work complain about a problem they’re having.

It’s literally non stop.

Pay attention to the stuff people complain about, and make videos on how to fix it.

If you’re a fashion vlogger and you hear someone say ‘Yeah I like the birkenstock trend, but I have no idea how I’d style them’, make a video on styling birkenstocks.

If you’re a lifestyle vlogger and your friend is complaining about how all they want to do is wake up earlier every day, but don’t know how to force themselves to do it, make a video on how to make yourself wake up earlier.

7. Tent Pole Videos

‘Tentpole Marketing’ is what youtube calls making videos around national events and trending topics. Ie. Halloween videos, videos about Amanda Bynes right after the media starts going crazy over her, etc.

Ie.  Christmas is coming, and you’re a beauty vlogger. You could make so many videos, likee –

1. Christmas Daytime Makeup Tutorial

2. Christmas Nightime Makeup Tutorial

3. Top High End Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

4. Top under $15 Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

5.  GRWM Christmas Day

6. My Beauty Christmas Wish List

7. Christmas Costume Makeup (ie. Grinch, Cindy Lou Who)

8. Christmas Beauty Haul

9. Favourite Festive Beauty Products for Christmas

10.  5 Holiday Hair Ideas

The best thing about tent pole videos is that people are always searching for these kinds of videos when you release them.

8. Chill

Sometimes, when you keep on pushing yourself to think of new, creative, excellent video ideas – your brain just stops working.

When you’re 100% stumped, and can’t think of any video ideas in line with your branding and vision, you might just need to chill out for a while.

Take a short break, and see what your subconscious does in the background.

Take Action

Not all of your ideas are going to turn into A++ youtube videos, but that’s how brainstorming works.

Using these eight tips, create a big stockpile of video ideas – that way whenever you’re struggling, you have a whole bunch of ideas to choose from.

If you have any tips for thinking of video ideas, you should 100% put them down in the comments below, and let me know if any of these ideas work for you.

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