What I Learnt in 2015 about Growing on Youtube

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Twenty Fifteen is coming to an end, and I have a whole lot of lessons that I’ve learnt on the art of doing youtube throughout the year.

In this post I’m talking about my top lessons I’ve taken away from my last year making videos on youtube that’ll help you to kill it in 2016.

1. Consistency Is Key

Okay, so, I recognise how boring this is as a takeaway for 2015 – but it honestly can’t be said enough.

If you want to do well on youtube, or any platform, you need to be consistent.

Consistency is about building trust with your subscribers. It’s tough. You need to have the drive to be constantly creating new content, and the ability to make the time to plan out your content.

To create consistency – put youtube in your calendar.

Literally. Schedule out Thursday arvo in your calendar to plan your weekly video – write the content, the steps you need to take (ie. buy diy items, plan outfits), the title / tags you’re going to use for your video, and anything else you might need to prep.

Then, go ahead and block out some time on Saturday morning to film your video in your calendar.

Don’t vary from that schedule.

This is one of my biggest goals for 2016 – I want to be the most consistent youtuber ever.

2. Plan your Videos

Don’t sit down to film without a solid plan. This is kind of covered in the above step.

More than once in 2015, I’ve sat down, filmed, and uploaded without any forethought, just a vague idea floating around in my head. Then a week later I’m all

“UHhHhHh I should have done that way differently – I could have made that video so much better”

The point is, sitting down and shooting – while it isn’t necessarily an awful idea, doesn’t always make for awesome videos.

The best videos I’ve made have been ones that have been stewing in my head for a while, that I had a solid action plan behind.

I’ve found that creating a simple ‘video planning template’ for my videos has been the biggest push for me to put more thought into my videos before I go ahead and film.

3. Make Videos ASAP

If a popular topic comes about, and in the back of your mind you’re like ‘yeah I should make a video on that’ – just do it.

There have been SO many times I’ve had ideas to create videos on popular topics – then just procrastinated making them and kind of lost the idea.

A few weeks later, I’d see a similar video to what I wanted to make taking off that was made by another youtuber.

It’s a sucky, sucky feeling when you know you could have made just as awesome of a video around that topic.

So if you have something that pops up in your mind relevant to something popular at the moment, make your video ASAP.  

4. Create Pull In videos


I’m talking christmas videos, valentines date ideas, back to school planning videos, all of it.

And  don’t forget the more ‘trending topic’ videos, like ‘Essena O’Neill’ talky videos when Essenas video was trending, ‘Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial’ videos when Kylies makeup was trending.

I call these videos ‘pull in’ videos.

They’re the kind of videos you make to add value to your channel – but also to bring in new subscribers from search. It’s awesome and totally necessary to create content not specifically to bring people in – but to grow on youtube you alsoneed to be creating content around what people are searching, or you’re going to find it tough to build any audience.

There is a reason these videos are so wide spread – because they’re so searched on at particular times of year.

So write a bigass list of ‘popular topic’ videos you want to film in 2016, and plan them out / schedule them in ahead of time.

This is something I already knew, but really slacked off on doing in 2015. In 2016, I have a solid plan to create at least 1 ‘pull in’ video a month, to reach new people and build a sweet as audience. 


Call to Action

Here are some super actionable points to take away from this post

  • Schedule your video planning time, and your filming time, in to your calendar. Don’t get flexible on this – you need to stick to it.
  • Create a ‘Video Planning Template’ to help you plan out your videos before you film
  • Act on video ideas relating to popular topics ASAP by writing them down in your schedule for your next filming day.
  • Write a big ass list of ‘popular topic’ videos you want to film in 2016, and plan them out / schedule them in ahead of time.


  • A plethora of information on doing youtube authentically, and well
  • The occasional free (also v exclusive) work sheet /mini guide
  • A lot of good vibes your way from a human being who genuinely wants to see you slay in the youtube community


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