What to Name your Youtube Channel

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Thinking of what to name your youtube channel can be one of the biggest blocks in actually getting started. It’s right up there with choosing your niche.

One minute you’re very much in the ‘Yees! I’m 100% doing this!’ mind frame.

Next minute you can’t think of a channel name and you brainstorm for hours and then a week goes by and you feel totally unmotivated.

Then you give up, and don’t start your channel.

Just because you can’t think of what to name it.

So, here you are. Five tips to help you decide on your youtube channel name.

what to name your youtube channel

1. Keep it short

People are lazy. They don’t want to have to think when they’re searching for your channel.

Make your channel name require the least effort possible for them to remember.

Don’t use symbols – or numbers, unless you really feel the need.

2. Don’t limit yourself

If you still aren’t 100% on your niche, don’t let your channel name put you in a box.

So if you have a vague idea you want to make some beauty videos in the future, don’t go with ‘beauty by michelle’.

Even if you have a clear idea what videos you’re going to make, in a years time you might change your mind completely, or just want to expand.

3.  Think of other platforms

If you have a name all sorted, make sure you can get an instagram, twitter, domain, etc using that name.

Consistency is important, and if you have different names across all social media platforms people get confused and won’t be able to find you.

So make sure that your name is available on all of the platforms you might use, and try and register your name on them asap.

4.  If in doubt, use your real name

The thing about your youtube channel, is that it revolves around you. It also revolves around your subscribers – but you are the never changing aspect of your channel.

If you don’t want to straight up use your name, then just play on your name – like I did with muchelleb.

Think about it – Philip DeFrancoRachel WhitehurstSarah Hawkinson – It’s a totally normal, easy way to name your youtube channel.

5.  The thing is, it doesn’t actually matter

In the end, what you name your youtube channel doesn’t matter too much. People forget about your name.

Your content and your personality is all that they’re going to associate with it.

Nigahiga. Smosh, Pewdiepie – their channel names are totally irrelevant to their content, but when you read the names all you think about are the people and content behind them.


Choose a channel name that’s concise, easy to remember and available on all platforms.

If you’re still stuck, play on your real name.

And realise that in the end, no one really cares that much – just pick any name that you like, and know isn’t going to annoy you after a while, and put all of your concentration on making authentic, engaging videos.





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